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Little Black Ants in Virginia

Little Black Ants

Common Features

Introduction to Little Black Ants

Little Black Ants are common in houses, businesses, and wooded areas in Central, VA. Talk to anyone and they have found them crawling on sidewalks, driveways, and the side of their homes. They form mid-size to large colonies that are typically outdoors. The ants can eat anything and feed on trash, feces, sweets, meats, and greases. This is why they usually nest outside and travel inside foraging for food. Your house is very easily accessible for them as well, being so small they can fit through cracks and gaps in your windows, doors, and piping. You will want to ensure all moisture is removed and entry points are sealed if you want to keep black ants out.

Little Black Ant Life Cycle and Habitat

They have a traditional lifecycle matching other species of ants with four distinct life stages: egg, larvae, pupae, and adult. Little Black Ants are a nuisance for local homeowners. The ants are very persistent and an infestation is hard to eliminate. It takes a single ant getting into your house to cause an infestation. That’s because, once one ant finds food in the house, they will go and tell the rest of the colony. Outside, they can nest in wooded areas, on trees, under logs, fences, piles of lumber, beneath bricks, in landscape mulch, and under stones. Once inside your house, they can nest in any crack or crevice available, including wall voids. If the infestation is expensive, they can nest and spread throughout your entire house or business. 

Damage & Dangers

Little Black Ants have a small stinger that’s too small to inflict damage on humans. An infestation is not directly dangerous to humans as much as it is annoying. To have little black ants crawling across your surfaces, food, and body is a nuisance and gross. Because the ants enjoy eating feces and trash, they can spread disease to your uneaten food. If you feel there’s an infestation around your house, it’s recommended you call a professional exterminator.

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