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A carpenter Ant.

Carpenter Ants

Common Features

Introduction To Virginia's Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are members of the family Formicidae and the order Hymenoptera. They do not feed on wood but use it as a place to nest. A telltale sign ants are nesting in the wood is if you find small sawdust piles outside the nest’s entrance. Carpenter Ants like to keep the tunnels in the nest (galleries) clean and smooth, thus they remove the debris and leave it outside. These ants like to eat other insects, honeydew, plant juices, and sugary foods/trash inside your house.

Carpenter Ant Activity

Carpenter ants are found in sidewalk cracks, your house, and on trees. The ants are most active during the spring and summer months, but they can be active indoors during cold months if the nest is well-distinguished. Carpenter Ant infestations usually begin outdoors and move indoors when the ants find moist wood or another way in. Sometimes, if you find the ants inside, it’s because they are foraging for food, and have not necessarily damaged your home. To be sure, it’s best to get inspected by your local pest control service.  

Damage Description

Carpenter ants do not usually build nests in healthy wood. They like moist wood that has become rotten or has signs of rott. If your home has moisture in the crawl space or other spots, the ants can extensively damage your home’s structure. A colony of ants can entirely hollow out the wood and make repairs costly.

Carpenter Ant Behavior and Danger

Carpenter Ants in Virginia do not generally bite and are not considered directly dangerous to people, they are harmful to your house, business, and pocketbook. If you see winged Carpenter Ants around your house they are swarming, mating, and looking to start a new colony. 

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