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When you need pest control in Ashland, VA you can count on Greenshield. With continuous education, ongoing employee training, and a six-stage hiring system, we hire only the best PMPs (Pest Management Professionals) in the industry. We hire one PMP for every three hundred that apply. By selecting the most qualified candidates and investing in their future with GreenShield, the customer is provided with exceptional service, each time.
Our motto is simple- “A happy customer is a loyal customer”. Therefore, GreenShield retains most of its customers for 7+ years. When you have a solution-oriented team, safe, effective tactics, and a beneficial relationship with your clients, you can offer a money-back guarantee, with confidence.

When you see the Greenshield truck driving around Ashland, VA. You know someone is about to have their home clear of bugs and other pests.
Tonya Garten
Tonya Garten
August 10, 2022.
I never knew I could learn so much about ants, bugs, and rodents...Nick came out and not only took care of my ant problem but educated me on the little critters and I will definitely have him return for my rodent issues. I'm on a farm so nick will be my go to guy for all these critters lol.such a great worker and he made me more aware of what to do. I recommend asking for Nick cause he was awsome!!!
Daniel Hicks
Daniel Hicks
August 8, 2022.
As a Realtor I use Nick Williams at Greenshield pest control regularly, so much in fact I consider him an important part of my team. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a pest control company
Cori Coleman
Cori Coleman
August 8, 2022.
So happy Greenshield offers Home Inspections was able to get someone to come out quick and not only give me some peace of mind but offer solid solutions for what I'd like my goals to be on the property Nick was super knowledgeable and I will be recommending this company to others. Thank you GreenShield!
Itz_BigMatt_ FB
Itz_BigMatt_ FB
August 6, 2022.
Greenshield is great. They helped me take care of my pest needs. I reccomend them to all my friends and family. The office staff are quick to respond and the technicians are great.
Jamie Plante
Jamie Plante
August 6, 2022.
Greenshield has been great! Nick came out to inspect my home. The prices were very competitive and fair. The techs were very personable, friendly, and professional. Thank you Greenshield for taking care of my pest issues!
Mike Moore
Mike Moore
August 6, 2022.
Nick helped take care of an unexpected issue for me that I discovered once I went under the house to repair a pipe - camel crickets and a black snake. I can not stand those spider looking things and I could only locate the snake skin, not the snake. Nick swiftly handled the crickets and located the black snake wedged between the foundation blocks. Awesome service, friendly, great attitude, and very professional. Would recommend Nick to everyone!
Patricia DiBella
Patricia DiBella
August 6, 2022.
I was having issues with my crawl space in regards to humidity and fungus as well as not enough insulation in my attic. Nick came out and took care of the inspection, he was great! He pointed out issues that I had no idea of. That and it was thousands cheaper than other quotes I had recieved. The techs who came out were great, very friendly and professional, and did great work. Thank you Nick and Greenshield for helping me better my home.
Brittany Drudge
Brittany Drudge
August 6, 2022.
I had a great experience with Greenshield pest control! Very polite, knowledgeable, and professional. I highly recommend using this company, plus they are affordable.

Signs You Have A Pest Control Problem

If you recognize any of these issues at your home give us a call. If you ignore it and a pest outbreak grows into an infestation, it could cost thousands of dollars down the road!

Pest Control Ashland, VA


Droppings can come from a rodent or insect infestation. Rodents leave the larger raisin size droppings, while insect droppings can be hard to notice. But, once you have noticed the insect droppings, it generally means the infestation has grown and will cost more money.

Termite Damage on a home here in Central, VA.

Property Damage

If you start to see physical damage to your home you could have a serious problem. If termites have eaten away at the home you could have squeaky floorboards, buckling wood, or holes in drywall. Termite damage can cost thousands of dollars if untreated.

A man covering his nose due to a bad smell. Bad smells can come from a cockroach infestation.


This one can be a sign of small mammals or insect infestations. Droppings and nests can cause an odor in certain parts of your house. If your home is starting to become infested with roaches you will smell a greasy odor. You will defiantly need pest control services.

The Problems Pest Infestations Can Cause If Left Untreated

Pest Control Solutions For Your Ashland, VA Home Or Business

Greenshield Home & Pest Control Provides Eco-Conscious Pest Control Solutions That Will Solve Your Problems

Some grass at one of our clients homes. Here in Ashland, VA, you want a pest control service that won't damage your landscaping with dangerous chemicals.

Landscaping Protection

Pesticides can damage your plants and beautiful yard. You don’t have to worry about that with Greenshield’s eco-conscious approach. One of the most popular microbial insecticides is Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis). These insecticides are specific to the insect you are trying to get rid of and will not harm your pets, good insects, or plants. 

Our environmentally friendly pest control service does not use dangerous chemicals in your Ashland, VA home.

No Chemicals In Your Home

Inside of your home, we do our best to never use dangerous sprays. For rodents and other mammals, we use a system of traps that deter the rodents from entering your home. . All while protecting your family and pets with no pesticides.

When you utilize our environmentally friendly pest control services, your family will be relieved the pest problem is no more.

You're Going to Be relieved

How often have you ever had to call a pest control company and it stinks to see them come and spray the whole house with nasty products, kill your plants, and then tell you to stay out of the home or keep your pets and kids away for a while. It interrupts your life…

Kid & Animal Friendly Pest Control That Works

Our residential pest control program services Ashland, VA, and the rest of the Richmond metro area. We provides complete solutions to protect your home from invasive insects and animals. It does not matter if we’re clearing your backyard of mosquitos, destroying wasps nests, stopping an invasion of spiders, or saving your home from thousands of dollars in damage from termites. These pests make you feel gross when you have to share your home with them. That’s why when you see signs you might have an issue, give us a call immediately. They spread disease and you want to keep your family safe. We provide FREE quotes and consultations to get you up and running, and thanks to our eco-conscious options there is no risk to your children, pets, or business customers. Greenshield is your one-stop-shop for all things pest-related.

Pest Control Ashland VA

We chose the name Greenshield because it represents what we do for you. We provide eco friendly pest control solutions that are safe for your family, your kids, and pets.

A local restaurant that could be hiding a pest control problem. Greenshield is here to help your local business prevent pest intrusions.

Greenshield Pest Control doesn't just protect local homes. We also keep pests out of your business. That includes restaurants, retail stores, storage units, and more.

Commercial Pest Control For Your Business

Greenshield’s Commercial Pest Control is not only here to protect your house with environmentally conscious pest control. We also specialize in commercial pest control for all the localities in Central, VA, including the cities of Richmond, Petersburg, and Fredericksburg. Your business is your lifeline. It brings in the income to keep your household surviving, put kids in school, and more. That’s why if bugs, rodents, or other invasive creatures get in and bother your customers, it can destroy your reputation. No local business wants to be known as the “roach-infested place”, especially if it’s a restaurant. If you see the slightest hint of a problem give us a call so our commercial pest control specialists can come to inspect the location. 

Prevent Bites And Disease With Our Mosquito Control

Our proprietary mosquito control and prevention program is designed to keep mosquitos from bothering your kids, your family, and your guests. Mosquitos spread dangerous diseases including West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, La Crosse Encephalitis, and St. Louis Encephalitis. 

You don’t have to worry about dangerous pesticides being sprayed throughout your yard either. The plan is eco-conscious, pushes the mosquitos out of your yard, and KEEPS THEM FROM COMING BACK. We also put preventative measures in place to keep them from breeding on your property again.

With a 7+ year retention rate for homeowners/business owners who use our program, it will definitely work for you.

A child in Ashland, VA with mosquito bites on her arm. Our mosquito control program will keep mosquitos from bothering your family.

We don't want any local children, pets, or families suffering from dangerous mosquito bites that can spread disease. Protect your home today with a free quote.

A bunch of termites feeding on wood. You need a local pest control service to properly remove a termite infestation.

Greenshield Pest Control doesn't want any home or business owners in Central, VA to pay thousands of dollars in property damage thanks to termites.

Termite Prevention

There are two major types of termites in Virginia that can infest your house. Those are the Eastern Subterranean Termite and The Formosan Termites. Both can cause more than $3,000 dollars in property damage.

What makes matters worse is that termites can cause all that structural damage without you even noticing. 

Our termite identification, removal, and prevention programs are designed to find the termites, remove the attractions that drive you to your house, and then prevent them from coming back. 

Termite control and prevention are much more cost-effective than paying thousands to treat an infestation or fix the damage. Get a free quote from us now.

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Our environmentally responsible approach and Integrated Pest Management techniques keep your home, your family, and your environment safe and pest-free.

It's Easy to Solve Your Pest Control Problem With Greenshield

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We come and inspect the home, formulate a plan of action, and then get to work.

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The pest problem is eliminated safely. Now you, and your family can relax.

Pest Control FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of the time. If you see a single insect such as a fly, yellow jacket, or ant you might not need a pest control company. But, if you happen to see a termite, bed bug, or another insect that can damage your home. You’re going to want to call your local pest control service to prevent expensive damage from being done to your home.

Greenshield Pest Control also provides FREE INSPECTIONS. Call (804) 798-1725

We offer a range of pest control services to eliminate those nasty pests from your life. Here is a list with links to their pages on our website.

If you have a bug or other pest problem you don’t see listed. Give us a call at (804) 798-1725.

It depends on the level of infestation, type of insect, or location. We always recommend staying out of the home for a bit after it has been sprayed.

That means many different factors affect the amount of pesticide being sprayed, the type being used, and where it’s being applied.

If you have any questions feel free to call (804) 798-1725 or use our contact form.

It depends on the level of infestation, type of insect, or location. We always recommend staying out of the home for a bit after it has been sprayed.

That means many different factors affect the amount of pesticide being sprayed, the type being used, and where it’s being applied.

If you have any questions feel free to call (804) 798-1725 or use our contact form.

At Greenshield Pest Control, we believe it’s best to provide custom plans for each customer based on your individual needs taking your home, infestation, and outside environment into consideration.

For this purpose, it’s best to call (804) 798-1725 and set up a FREE INSPECTION

Many people don’t think about hiring a pest control service until after an infestation develops. This thinking can result in thousands of dollars in damage to your home.

To prevent infestations from ever taking place and to save thousands on those termite damages Greenshield can talk to you about a prevention plan.

Call for a free inspection (804) 798-1725

Rodents can cause health problems by leaving droppings around, getting into food, and by spreading disease. Small infestations can sometimes be taken care of with DIY solutions, bit of the mice have reproduced quickly, you could soon have a very larger problem.

Greenshield Pest Control in Ashland, VA, provides environmentally friendly rodent control services and we want you to choose us when you type “rodent control near me”, into Google.

The average rodent control cost can range from $200 – $600, including inspection, treatment, and removal.

Sometimes, if the infestation has reached large proportions, removal costs can increase to more than $1,000.

Greenshield provides local residents with solutions that work for YOU. If you have had rodent problems in the past and they keep returning, you could benefit from one of our ongoing rodent control/pest control packages. These are designed to protect your home and family from pests, and save you money!

Have questions? Call (804) 798-1725 for free quotes.

The environmental impact of pesticides and other chemicals is terrible. Year after year these sprays have been killing off species of insects that are pollinators. That includes honeybees and butterflies. But they aren’t the only ones affected. Small rodents and lizards also become ill and die due to these chemicals.

An eco-friendly pest control solution such as the one used by Greenshield Pest Control uses biological control factors to solve problems with pests. That means instead of chemicals that can hurt your family’s health, we use scents, oils,  and tastes mixed with eco-friendly chemicals. 

It’s our goal to keep mosquitos, rodents, and other pests off your property without hurting your family, pets, or the environment.

Greenshield Pest Control is based in Ashland, VA, but we provide service to the entire Richmond Metro Area.

Here is a list of the different locations we service.

Our service area includes the entire Richmond, Metro Area. This includes The counties of Hanover, New Kent, Henrico, Charles City, Chesterfield, Powhatan, and Goochland. We also provide service to the towns and cities of Richmond, Petersburg, Midlothian, Mechanicsville, and Ashland VA. 

If you don’t see your location just give us a call.

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