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Termite Control Richmond, VA

Termites will destroy your home and before you know it, it will cost over $3,000 to fix the damage. Get a free termite inspection from Greenshield Pest Control to be sure your home is safe. 

Exceptional Service, Excellent Results.

Termites In Richmond, VA, Are No Match For Greenshield

Here in the United States, termites are responsible for 2 billion dollars worth of property damage every year. Do you know why this is so high? It’s because if you aren’t actively looking for signs of termites, they could already be causing the damage that will cost you thousands later. What’s worse, the damage they cause can be confused with water damage. If this wasn’t scary enough, termites damage 600,000 houses a year, and a homeowner like you pays an average of $3,000 to repair termite damage. Luckily for you, Greenshield Pest Control is here to help by providing an eco-friendly program that will check for signs of termites, locate their colonies, and eliminate them. Termite colonies can have more than a million workers that consume over 100 pounds of wood a year. Since they never stop trying to destroy your home, should you ever stop trying to protect it?

Tonya Garten
Tonya Garten
I never knew I could learn so much about ants, bugs, and rodents...Nick came out and not only took care of my ant problem but educated me on the little critters and I will definitely have him return for my rodent issues. I'm on a farm so nick will be my go to guy for all these critters lol.such a great worker and he made me more aware of what to do. I recommend asking for Nick cause he was awsome!!!
Daniel Hicks
Daniel Hicks
As a Realtor I use Nick Williams at Greenshield pest control regularly, so much in fact I consider him an important part of my team. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a pest control company
Cori Coleman
Cori Coleman
So happy Greenshield offers Home Inspections was able to get someone to come out quick and not only give me some peace of mind but offer solid solutions for what I'd like my goals to be on the property Nick was super knowledgeable and I will be recommending this company to others. Thank you GreenShield!
Itz_BigMatt_ FB
Itz_BigMatt_ FB
Greenshield is great. They helped me take care of my pest needs. I reccomend them to all my friends and family. The office staff are quick to respond and the technicians are great.
Jamie Plante
Jamie Plante
Greenshield has been great! Nick came out to inspect my home. The prices were very competitive and fair. The techs were very personable, friendly, and professional. Thank you Greenshield for taking care of my pest issues!
Mike Moore
Mike Moore
Nick helped take care of an unexpected issue for me that I discovered once I went under the house to repair a pipe - camel crickets and a black snake. I can not stand those spider looking things and I could only locate the snake skin, not the snake. Nick swiftly handled the crickets and located the black snake wedged between the foundation blocks. Awesome service, friendly, great attitude, and very professional. Would recommend Nick to everyone!
Patricia DiBella
Patricia DiBella
I was having issues with my crawl space in regards to humidity and fungus as well as not enough insulation in my attic. Nick came out and took care of the inspection, he was great! He pointed out issues that I had no idea of. That and it was thousands cheaper than other quotes I had recieved. The techs who came out were great, very friendly and professional, and did great work. Thank you Nick and Greenshield for helping me better my home.
Brittany Drudge
Brittany Drudge
I had a great experience with Greenshield pest control! Very polite, knowledgeable, and professional. I highly recommend using this company, plus they are affordable.

Have You Ever Seen The Signs Of A Potential Termite Invasion?

Termite Control Richmond VA

Structural Damage

You will see damage to the window sills, door frames, and other wooden structures around the house. One way to test is to see if they continue to open and close smoothly. If they don’t, there could be hidden damage. Floors can also indicate a termite infestation when they begin to buckle or sag. The damage can sometimes be hard to diagnose since the damage can mimic water damage. 

Bubbling Paint

When termites infest your house’s wood, they like to live just below the surface. The paint bubbling isn’t a direct result of termites, but the moisture they bring in is. Termites love moisture, and the painted surface will react by peeling and bubbling. That doesn’t mean it’s always due to moisture, when the wood behind the moisture is consumed, the thin layer of paint will crack.

Seen here are pin point holes caused by termites. If your home here in Richmond, VA has pin point holds in the wood, you could have a termite infestation.

Pinholes In Wood

Termites leave pinholes in wood because it’s their primary way to exit the drywall and other wooden structures. When you see these holes it’s also a sign the larger infestation will begin since adult termites exit through the holes before the onset of reproduction. These termite pinholes are also where the termites defecate, clamp it together to form crusty caps that cover up the holes.

Other Signs You Have Termites In Your Home

There Are Two Types Of Termites In Central, VA

Eastern Subterranean Termite is native to Central, VA, and is one of two different termites that will attack your home.

Eastern Subterranean Termites

Eastern Subterranean Termites are translucent gray/brown with longer bodies, heads, and pinchers. They are our native species here in Virginia. These termites live, forage, and eat below ground in colonies ranging from 20,000 – 500,000. They like to attack homes by connecting a large network of tunnels, mud, or shelter tubes that protect them from the outside as they travel to the house.

The Formosan Termite is another prominent termite in Richmond, VA. Here you see one with a transparent orange color.

Formosan Termites

Formosan Termites are an invasive species in the Southern United States. The termite originated in Taiwan and was first detected in the USA in 1960. It has spread around the world and has a translucent orange color. Often referred to as “super termites”, they are the most voracious and devious of all termites. They can chew through wood, flooring, and wallpaper unnoticed. 

The wall of a building here in Richmond, VA showing signs of termite damage.

Environmentally Safe Termite Control Here In Richmond, VA

Preventing And Removing Termites At Your Home Or Business

Termites & similar pests cause $30 Billion in damage to crops and man-made structures in the U.S. each year. For most people, their home is the most significant investment they will make. Why not protect it?
GreenShield offers Termite treatments and Termite Warranties.

Many people are unaware that most homeowners’ insurance plans do not cover termite damage. Our warranty covers up to $1 Million for termite damage repairs and a termite treatment at NO COST. Call now for more information.

Call today for a free termite inspection.

Termite Control Services In Richmond, VA

Our Termite Inspection, Prevention, And Removal Program Will Keep You Safe From Thousands Of Dollars In Property Damage

Dead flowers that were killed by mosquito pesticides. Our Mosquito Control service uses eco-friendly ways to control mosquito populations.

Species Identification

The first thing we do when we come to your home is inspect and identify the species of termite. We will check all the regular signs we listed above and more. If the termite is a subterranean species we will have to look around the foundation of the house and find their tunnels. Sometimes you can get a swarming infestation where you find wings and other signs on windows and doors. Once we identify you have a termite problem, we will figure out what species they are through visual recognition. 

A bucket with water sitting outside a home in Richmond, VA. Standing water you may forget to dump can be a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Removing Attractions

Termites eat cellulose, which is a component of wood and plants. Termites need to eat 24/7. That’s why they are so voracious when it comes to eating your house. But another thing they want is moisture, their mud tubes contain moisture to keep them protected as they travel from the colony to your house. The first thing we have to do is remove pockets of moisture and access areas around your house. Then any rotted wood and other materials will have to be removed.

Two kids playing outside in Richmond. Your children can be safe from mosquito bites when you use our mosquito control solutions.

Save Money

Our termite inspection, prevention, and removal program allow you to stay on top of termite problems BEFORE they cost you thousands of dollars. The best eco-friendly way to protect your home is prevention. But, should termites begin feeding on your home there are some eco-friendly ways to get rid of them. There are professional ways of burning termites out by heating the inside of the walls. Baiting is a tried and true method that involves treating the wood with poison ONLY harmful to termites, or using liquid nitrogen to freeze them out.

Have The Best Termite Control In 3 Easy Steps

Identify the Type of Termites

Click the button below to speak with one of our certified technicians. They will assist and talk you through what could be the problem.

Free Inspection of The Situation

Your technician will come out to your home or business and inspect the situation. Once they have seen the issue, you will receive a free quote.

Removal of the Termites

Greenshield Pest Control will treat your property so you or your business can get back to operating as normal.

Contact Us For Your Free Quote

Our environmentally responsible approach and Integrated Pest Management techniques keep your home, your family, and your environment safe and pest-free.

Termite Control & Removal Solutions For All Parts of Your Life

For Businesses

Having a good business requires happy employees and customers. How comfortable would they feel to be in a place chewed up by termites?

The Benefits

With our termite prevention, control, and removal services, your business will receive a custom plan dedicated to providing your employees a comfortable work environment and your customers a great shopping environment.
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For Your Family

When you own a home, no one wants to pay thousands of dollars to fix it thanks to insects.

The Benefits

Greenshield will set up a custom plan that will prevent your home from preventing moisture and places termites will want to feed on.
Free Quote

For Special Events

When you have an event at your home/business do you want termites on the brain? Your guests will see sawdust, bubbling paint, and holes in your wood.

The Benefits

Your special event will go off without a hitch and your home or business will look beautiful. You won't have that sawdust lying around, termite wings on your windowsills, or holes in the wood.
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Local Termite Control FAQ

Do I need a pest control service for termites?

The important thing to remember about termite control is that it’s best to prevent infestations. Not just remove them. If you suspect ANY termite activity in your house or business’s structure it’s best to call a professional ASAP. What’s even better is since termite infestations can cause such expensive property damage, you will want to make sure you have preventative services set up to keep them from ever coming back.

How often should my home be treated for termites?

Termite treatments should be preventative and effective for years to keep them from coming back. But, every infestation is different because each house is different. Sometimes one preventative treatment will work for your neighbor, but won’t work for you. Greenshield Pest Control creates custom preventative and treatment plans to be sure your house is always protected.

What is the average cost of termite prevention services here in Richmond, VA?

The costs in our area fall within the average costs around the country. The average cost of termite treatment ranges from $237 – $975, depending on the severity and size of the infestation. Most companies charge for treatments based on the linear foot of the house.

The best way to get information on the potential costs would be to call us for a free quote at (804) 798-1725.

What are some ways I can prevent termites?

There are ways you can try to prevent a termite invasion. But, if they have already gotten into your house you will need a professional to get them out from within the walls. 

But some simple ways you can try to prevent them are:

  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Nematodes
  • Cardboard Traps
  • Sunlight
  • Orange Oil
  • Boric Acid

Give us a call for the best advice on preventing termites.

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Our environmentally responsible approach and Integrated Pest Management techniques keep your home, your family, and your environment safe and pest-free.