WARNING: This page contains photos of insects and other pests.

There are good bugs and there are bad bugs. And no bug belongs indoors.

Ants, spiders, crickets and roaches are just a few of the invaders we deal with. However we do take steps to ensure we’re not harming the good guys. Let’s start you off with some photos of good guys.

We don’t want to harm our pollinating friends like honey bees and butterflies. There are also insects, dragon flies and praying mantises for example, that eat the bad bugs. Can you believe some people will even buy insects such as lady bugs to control aphids and other garden pests?

Nuisance pests:

Some insects are just a nuisance. These bugs are of minor health concerns or structural threat. Notice I do not say none. Every pest holds at least as much danger of spreading illness and damaging property as a toddler does.

These insects belong outside, but will sometimes wander inside. Usually in search of food or water. However, some insects like our useful friend the lady bug will invade in large numbers just because they want a warm place for the winter.

Especially unwelcome pests:

Insects and pests that spread disease and/or cause structural damage are unfortunately becoming more prevalent. And contrary to what many believe, they do not only choose old or filthy homes to infest. Cockroaches, for example, could hitch a ride into your home in grocery bags, cardboard boxes, and second hand appliances.

Pests can also trigger allergies and asthma, especially in children.

Beware these bugs:

There are more than just bees and spiders that can cause a painful bite or sting. This final group of insects are the ones you want to steer clear of.

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