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Fast Snake Removal In Richmond, VA

Do you have snakes in your yard? Virginia has dangerous copperheads! Give us a call and get a free quote for snake removal in Richmond, VA, and the surrounding counties.

We Have Copperheads In Richmond. They Can Kill If They Bite.

Spring is wonderful thanks to beautiful flowers, warmer weather, and singing birds. But, it’s also the season of snakes.

Here in Virginia, we have 32 species of snakes, and three of them are venomous.

The main one you have to fear here in the Richmond Metro Area, is the copperhead.

Snakes have popping up more around the area, especially as we build more and take away their habitats.

What makes this even more difficult for homeowners, is that it’s illegal to kill them.

This is serious when you and your family work and play in the yard. A snake bite could put you or your loved ones in the hospital and even result in death.

If you see any sign of snakes, give Greenshield Poest Control a call.

We can remove and relocate the snake safely and legally, assist with prevention, and keep your family safe.

Snake Removal Richmond VA

Does Your Yard Show Signs Of Snakes That Need To Be Removed?

Warning Signs:

  • Snake Skins: When you’re out doing yard work and find snake skin, it’s a tell-tale sign there’s a snake. Here in Virginia, we have dangerous copperheads which could bite and send you to the hospital.
  • Snake Holes: Snakes often burrow in holes where rodents used to live. If you find holes in your yard that are circular, located at the base of trees/ground, or in the foundation, they more than likely contain a snake.
  • Strange Smells: Snakes love to live in dark and cluttered places, making basements their favorite environment within your home. If you smell something musky similar to rotten eggs, there might be a snake.
  • Rodents Disappear: Here in the Richmond, VA, metro, area, everyone has rodents around their yard. If you suddenly realize they are non-existent at your home, snakes may be living on your property and preying on them.
  • Snake Tracks: Some properties here in Central, VA, are located in the woods. Many of them have dirt driveways or paths. If you recognize snake tracks like these, it’s a very telling sign you have snakes.
The Eastern Garter Snake (top) and the Northern Mole Kingsnake (below). Both snakes are commonly found in Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas.
The Eastern Garter Snake (top) and the Northern Mole Kingsnake (below). Both snakes are commonly found in Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas.

Snake Removal In Richmond, VA

Our Snake Identification, Removal, and Prevention Program Will Keep You And Your Family Safe From Bites

If you see a snake in your yard, give us a call. We can identify the snake, remove it legally, and protect your family.

Species Identification

When you first see signs of a snake, give us a call so it can be identified. Snakes are illegal to kill in Virginia in order to protect the environment. But, if you aren’t sure whether the snake is venomous, you need to have it professionally identified. Contact us and we can be sure you’re family is safe and the snake isn’t a dangerous species.

If you see a snake here in Richmond, VA, don't try to catch or kill it. You could be bit or face legal charges. Give us a call to have the snake safely removed and relocated.

Snake Removal

Since it’s illegal to kill a snake in Richmond, VA. You need a professional to remove the snake/s and relocate them safely. If you don’t have a professional remove the snake you run the risk of being bitten, and that can put you in the hospital or kill you. That’s something we are here to keep from happening.

Pictured here is a garter snake. These snakes are harmless and good for the environment. But, if you want them relocated, give us a call.


It doesn’t have to be venomous to take snake prevention measures. As full-service pest solution providers, we specialize in the effective removal and prevention of reptiles and snakes. We can implement a plan that seals openings, removes, and deters snakes so your home is a pest free environment.

Some Common Snakes In Central, VA

Corn Snake

The Corn Snake is brightly colored. It's very common in Virginia and is found in a variety of habitats. They are not venomous and have become popular pets.

Eastern Rat Snake

Eastern Rat Snakes are commonly found in meadows and open wooded areas. They emit a foul musk that has the taste of poison, however, they are not venomous. Adults are between 3 - 7 feet long.

Smooth Green Snake

This snake is common. It lives in marshes, by streams, and in open woods. They are not venomous and are covered in bright green scales. The snake feeds on insects and spiders.


The Cottonmouth snake loves water but is found away from water as well. These snakes are venomous, have triangular-shaped heads, and large jowls to hold venom. Be aware since they come in a variety of colors.

Benefits Of Our Unique, Snake Removal And Protection Program (SPP)

  • Although snakes can be deadly, they are vital to the environment, and keeping rodent populations in check. Our Snake Protection Program is designed to keep the snakes away from your home without killing them.
  • Eco-friendly snake control avoids the use of naphthalene repellents, which are pungent, dangerous, and can make your yard smell for weeks and even months.
  • Our professional snake prevention technicians will identify holes, locations in baseboards, long grass, gutters, and other places that might have snakes. Then they will cover them up to keep your home snake free.
  • Greenshield technicians are certified and licensed to remove snakes. They will capture the snake and relocate it to a place away from humans where it can still protect the environment.
  • Your home is going to be safe from dangerous chemicals. We use natural snake repellents to ensure your kids never get bitten while playing in the yard.
A garter snake in one of our clients' yard here in Ashland, VA. Garter Snakes can be found in all locations around Richmond, VA.

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Get A Free Snake Inspection And Same Day Removal

Have A Snake Removed ASAP In 3 Easy Steps

Give Us A Call

Click the button below to speak with one of our certified technicians. They will assist and talk you through the problem.


Your technician will come out to your home or business and inspect the situation. Once they have seen the issue, you will receive a free quote.

Removal of the Snake

Greenshield Pest Control will remove the snake and relocate it. We can also discuss preventative measures to keep them from coming back.

Local Snake Removal FAQs

There are options to repel and remove snakes yourself, but you have to be alert and protected. Plus, in Virginia it is illegal to kill a snake. There are even snakes in VA, specifically the copperhead, that can kill you if it bites. 

If you’re unsure about what repellents to use, or the best snake prevention techniques it’s best to go with a professional.

If you would like a free quote to have a snake removed call (804) 798-1725.

Snakes are considered a non-game species in Virginia. Therefore they are protected animals and can’t be legally killed. 

Killing the snake vs. removing it is probably your first thought since we have three venomous snakes in VA, but this can get you killed.

A professional, certified, and licensed snake removal technician is needed to make sure the snake is not killed and relocated in a place it’s not dangerous to humans. 

There are! Here’s a few you can do before a snake decides to make your home its home.

  • Keep your grass cut low.
  • Clear all debris from your yard.
  • Fill in holes.
  • Rake piles of leaves and dump them away from your home.
  • Fire pits will repel them as snakes hate smoke.
  • Keep pet food inside.
  • Install snake proof fencing.
  • Trim bushes and trees.

If snakes have already invaded your yard, give us a call to have them removed legally.

The Greenshield Pest Control office is located in Ashland, VA. But we service all of Central, VA including Richmond, Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico, Spotsylvania, and many other counties.

If you have a snake situation give us a call at (804) 798-1725 to see if we service your area.

Here in the state of Virginia, we have 3 species of venomous snakes.

  1. Northern Copperhead: Found all throughout the state of Virginia, they grow to be 24-36 inches long and are recognized by an hourglass skin pattern. This is the snake that poses the most threat to residents in Richmond, VA. They may be sluggish but if frightened by children playing, or suddenly being stepped on, they will bite. 
  2. Timber Rattlesnake: You don’t need to worry about this snake here in Richmond, as they are found in the mountainous regions in Western, VA. Their colors are yellow, brown, or tan, but all of them have a dark-colored zigzag patter. 
  3. Eastern Cottonmouth: The Eastern Cottonmouth is found in the southeastern part of the state, and is known as the water moccasin. These snakes are found near water and are semi-aquatic. They are also not aggressive but will bite if threatened.

Since Greenshield Pest Control services Central, VA, it’s the copperhead we generally see in people’s yards.

Feel free to call us if you see signs of snakes in your home or yard. But here are some links for more information.

The Virginia Herpetological Society for identifying local snake species has great information on the different snake species in Central, VA.

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