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Mosquito Management

Did you know that mosquitoes kill more people every year than any other animal? With GreenShield’s Mosquito Management Program, we will significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Our PMPs (Pest Management Professionals) conduct a thorough inspection to identify breeding sources, conducive conditions, and hangout spots for mosquitoes. Once these areas have been identified, we build a custom treatment strategy that is tailored to your property.

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General Pest Control

GreenShield’s “General Pest Service” is the flagship of the company. It is by far the most popular service that we offer, for a good reason. Not only do we conduct a thorough inspection of your home, but we continue to monitor for seasonal pest issues year-round. All homes are swept to remove spider webs, wasp nests & dirt dauber tubes and sealed with exclusion products to eliminate pest entry. Your PMP will inform you of the pests observed and treated for, along with reporting any issues in your crawl space or attic (downed insulation, standing water, leaky pipes, structural damage, etc.) The General Pest Program covers Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Mice, Rats, Wasps, Hornets & Much More!
With a 100% Money Back GUARANTEE, you cannot go wrong.


Termites & similar pests cause $30 Billion in damage to crops and man-made structures in the U.S., each year. For most people, their home is the largest investment they will make. Why not protect it?
GreenShield offers Termite treatments and Termite Warranties. Many people are unaware that most homeowner’s insurance plans do not cover termite damage. Our warranty covers up to $1 Million for termite damage repairs and a termite treatment at NO COST. Call now for more information.
Call today for a free termite inspection.

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Some rodents may be cute, but they are known to spread: Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, Tularemia, Leptospirosis & many other diseases. GreenShield uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach when treating for rodents. We want the safest and most effective outcome for everyone.
Two mice can turn into 4,000 mice in just 1 year. If you have observed rodent activity, it is best to consult a professional as soon as possible.

Stinging Insects

Stinging Insects send over a Half Million people to the Hospital, each year. If you are having an issue with stinging insects, it is best you leave it to the professionals. GreenShield will not only exterminate most stinging insects but we will remove the nest as well. If you have an issue with Honeybees or other pollinators, we will have them safely removed. For a free estimate, give us a call today.
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These blood feeders can be very frustrating and difficult to get rid of. At GreenShield, we have over 20 years of bedbug treatment experience. With competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff, and the right tools, we can help you with your bedbug problem. We treat bedbugs in residential homes, apartments, multi-family housing, and health care facilities. Give us a call for a free inspection and estimate.


Many people have ophidiophobia (a fear of snakes). With the growing number of copperheads in Virginia, some people simply don’t want their family or pets to be injured. GreenShield now offers a Snake Protection Program (SPP). Our SPP has you covered! A PMP will use the only EPA registered snake repellant on the market around your home to keep snakes out. Not only do we use a repellant, but we will remove a snake from your home or garage, at no additional cost!
(SPP qualifies as a bundle service)

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Nuisance Wildlife

GreenShield handles a wide variety of wildlife: Raccoons, Opossums, Skunks, Groundhogs, Bats & more. Our goal is to provide a safe living or working space for our customers. We will provide a complimentary inspection for all wildlife issues. When we inspect, we want to identify the animal, potential entry points and damage they may have caused. Entry points will need to be sealed to prevent any future occurrence of wildlife issues if they are entering a structure. GreenShield offers trapping, exclusion & many other tactics to reduce or eliminate your nuisance wildlife issues in the most humane way possible.


Wood destroying Insects cause costly damage to structures. At GreenShield, we beat these insects, not your pockets. GreenShield treats for: Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Acrobat Ants, Termites, Old House Borers, Powder Post Beetles & just about every other wood destroying pest.
If you are looking to sell, buy or refinance a home, Virginia law requires a WDI inspection. GreenShield offers thorough inspections and all the a paperwork required to do so.

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German Cockroach Service Preparation

Bedbug Service Preparation

Indoor Flea Service Preparation

About our residential pest control services, please call (804) 798-1725.

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Our environmentally responsible approach and Integrated Pest Management techniques keep your home, your family, and your environment safe and pest-free.