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Acrobat Ants

Acrobat Ants

Common Features

Introduction to the Acrobat Ant

Various species of Acrobat Ants are found throughout North America. There are several species of Acrobat Ants in the genus Crematogaster, commonly found throughout the State of Virginia. When disturbed, Acrobat Ants raise their abdomens over their thorax and head, which is how the ant got its name. Acrobat Ants have a life cycle consisting of egg, larval, pupal, and adult stages. Like other ant species, Acrobat Ant colonies have worker ants, soldier ants, and a Queen Ant. Swarms of winged reproductive acrobat ants near your home usually indicate a nest nearby or an infestation.

The Acrobat Ant Habitat

When they stay outdoors, Acrobat Ants love to live in trees, tree stumps, or tree snags. Preferably trees with rotten cavities. However, Acrobat Ants in Virginia will enter your home through cracks in window frames, doors, and roof vents. Sometimes, they use tree limbs to get onto your roof and enter through rotten siding. Once in your house, they will nest in wall voids, old termite/carpenter ant galleries, under siding, insulation, skylights, gutters, and drains. These ants will be attracted to any place where wood has become rotten.

Damage Description

Acrobat Ants can infest an entire house but this is uncommon unless there is water damage and easy-to-access entry points. If they do colonize your home, they usually go unnoticed until you see dead ant piles, sawdust powder, or bits of building materials. The debris they leave is from the ants cleaning out their nest and is the most tell-tale sign they have infested your home. The good news is that Acrobat Ants do not cause significant structural damage to your house. 

Acrobat Ant Behavior and Danger

Acrobat Ants are not exceptionally dangerous to pets, humans, or structures, although there is some danger. If the nest is severely threatened, the ants might sting and bite aggressively while releasing a foul odor. If you are stung or bitten, you might have a mild reaction. Symptoms of a bite include minor swelling, redness, pain, and itching. Depending on severity. these mild reactions might last a few hours or a few days. If these ants infest your home, they can create safety risks by stripping insulation off wires, resulting in short circuits. If you see signs of Acrobat Ants in your home, you’ll want to contact a local pest control professional.

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