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Our Team Of Pest Management Professionals (PMPs)

Mosquitos, spiders, termites, and other pests have one thing in common. They are no match for our pest control team. Decades of experience make up this great group of people and we’re here to help you solve your pest control problems.

Jacob Orr

Director of Operations

With having been in the Pest Control Industry for over a decade, having studied Termite Biology at Texas A&M and Urban & Industrial IPM at Purdue, and having an interest in all Public Health Pests, Jacob makes the perfect Director of Operations. No matter what questions or situations arise, he’s got the experience and knowledge to be able to assist you in all of your pest-related needs. Protecting our team members, clients, families, and neighbors from Pathogenic Pests (mosquitoes, roaches, rodents, etc.), and securing our health and safety is a passion of Jacob’s. 

The only thing he loves as much as Pest Control is spending time with his friends and family, traveling and duck hunting. He has a yellow lab puppy named Drake who is in training to be a “Duck Dog” so that he can join him on his hunts. He hopes to travel to Europe for its historic sites and to Saskatoon, Canada to hunt. Although he is an avid duck hunter (even wanted to be a game warden growing up), he also takes nature preservation and wetland conservation very seriously; and even volunteers regularly with Ducks Unlimited. Through them, he is able to conserve, restore, and protect wetlands and habitats for ducks and other wetland wildlife.

Since Jacob became Director of Operations with GreenShield Home and Pest Solutions, the company has grown 74%, creating more jobs and more management opportunities for current and future team members. Jacob takes great pride in exceptional customer service and has high expectations for the entire GreenShield team. Under his leadership, our team has a clear vision: “To be the most trusted and valued service company in the South East” . We are excited about what the future holds as we continue to grow and expand our service beyond the limits held by your typical pest control company.

A profile photo of Jacob Orr, the manager of Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions' Ashland, VA Branch.

Ashlene Mullens

Account Manager

While still new to the Greenshield Team, Ashlene has been in the Pest Control Industry for over four years. Her professional, yet personable demeanor makes your inspection experience that much easier for you.

If you ever have a question about a pest, she is your go-to with her vast knowledge of different insects and rodents. Her favorite pest is actually a roach because while they can be challenging to eradicate, there are a lot of fun facts about them.

For example, they can regrow their lost legs or they can adapt to almost any environment, though they prefer the warmth.

Ashlene loves new adventures and traveling. She visits a new state or country at least once a year. This is when she can pull herself away from her two babies; her loving dogs. Kona is a German Shepherd and she has a black lab named Leo.

Our pest management professional Michael Courtney.

Michael Courtney

Pest Management Professional

As our most seasoned technician, Michael has a lot of knowledge on various different pests and the different types of treatments used for them.

He’s friendly and authentic as well as thorough; your ideal pest professional. His punctuality is important to him as a member of the National Guard, as well as his need to get things done right the first time!

When he was a child, he wanted to be a police officer, but he’s here policing pests instead! He has a mini dachshund, Gracie, and a mini schnauzer named Kagé who take up the majority of his free time when he’s not building computers and playing video games.

Michael is personable with all of his clients and will definitely make sure you have all of the information that you need to be able to better prepare for infestations, as well as how to prevent them going forward.

Clients have commented on his trustworthy aura and how he has made bad situations feel better just by taking the time to explain his treatments and the processes that come with them. 

Ashley Austin

Pest Management Professional

With the short time that Ashley has been in the industry, she has already received numerous 5-star reviews. Clients have described her as “thoughtful, friendly, and thorough” as well as, “efficient, careful, and professional.”

Though clients seem to really be impressed with her professional attitude, it’s her helpfulness and plain pleasantry that seem to make everyone comfortable with having her in and around their homes.

Ashley loves to collect turtles to take home to her husband and three kids. They all have their hands full with their Pitbulls, Stella and Hemi, and their Lab/Pit Mix, Lola.

Her experience in the home restoration industry has gone a long way in helping her ability to be thorough during her appointments. 

Pest Control Technician Ashley Austin.
Brandon Gooden, one of our local pest control technicians.

Brandon Gooden

Pest Management Professional

As a child, Brandon wanted to be a police officer, but instead for the past year he has been fighting pests with GreenShield, while his band creates some awesome music outside of work!

He grew up playing football and is now a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan! With 22 5-Star reviews over the past 2 months, Brandon has proven that his level of professionalism and efficiency is unmatched. He is determined to get the job done correctly and to help you with all of your pest-related needs.

If there are any questions or concerns you have about the treatments, Brandon is happy to explain it to you as he works to mitigate those concerns and leave you feeling certain that your pest issues will be rectified. 

Nathan Hedgepeth

Pest Management Professional

How long have you been in the industry?

  • I’ve been in pest control for almost 6 months
How long have you been with Greenshield?
  • I’ve been with Greenshield for a little over a month
What qualities do you have that you believe make you excel in your position?
  • Ambition, Drive, and a thirst for knowledge are the main qualities that help me thrive at Greenshield.
What are your favorite hobbies?
  • My Favorite hobbies include snowboarding, hiking, and playing video games.
Do you have a travel bucket list? What destinations are on it?
  • My travel bucket list would have to be visiting all 50 states, so far I’m at 18.
Do you have any pets? Types and names?
  • I don’t have any pets personally but, my roommate’s Australian Shepherd stays with us quite often, and there are 3 outside cats that hang out at my house.
Meet Nathan, our latest Tech at Greenshield Pest Control. Nathan lives in Richmond, VA and is here to help remove pests from your home.

Ed Tyson

Pest Management Professional

How long have you been in the pest control industry?

  • 3 months

How long have you been with Greenshield?

  • 3 months but I love it!

What qualities do you have that you believe make you excel in your position?

  • Passion for helping others in this case finding pests that are a problem for the customer. 

What are your favorite hobbies?

  • Riding motorcycles

Are you a sports fan? Who are your teams?

  • Yes, anything with West Virginia. Then the Cowboys for NFL

Do you have a favorite pest?

  • Yes, ants. I have a colony of ants I keep as a pet.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

  • Police officer


Ed has a passion for sports, but he hates invasive insects and pests he will skip a game to help manage your pest control needs.

Maggie Bibey

Administrative Manager

For the past 7 years, Maggie has been an instrumental part in building our client relationships, as well as making sure that our team members are set up for success.

She has a big heart and cares about every person she talks to on the phone, every person she works with, and our company itself. You will never feel like Maggie can’t help you out or get things done because if she can’t do it herself, she will see to it that the one who CAN, will. You’re in good hands with her. Maggie LOVES honey bees and would like to one day have her own hive.

Despite how knowledgeable she is with various pests and all the ways we can help you with your pest issues, as a child she wanted to be literally anything else – from Architect to Veterinarian. She spends her days with her big family!

She has three daughters, Kaitlyn (21), Meghan (19), and Abigayle (14). She has four cats, Ginny, PJ, Loki, and Kairi; one dog, Peaches; and one loving husband, Mike.

Both in her personal and professional life, she stays busy and fulfilled by taking care of her loved ones, her fellow team members, and her clients. 

Maggie Bibey is our office administrator.
Jessica Mallory has been a part of our administrative team for a year.

Jessica Mallory

Administrative Assistant

Having been a part of the GreenShield team for only a year, Jessica has made a big impression on everyone she has come in contact with. With her bubbly personality, early morning pep, and genuinely awesome customer service skills, she is our go-to for client contact!

She will have you scheduled and taken care of in no time and leave you feeling like she’s your new best friend. Jessica is very charismatic and cares very much about making sure you enjoy this call you have to make, regardless of the reason you have to make it!

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family! Her days are spent best with her eight-week-old puppy, Fenrir, and her 10-year-old tabby, Lennie. She enjoys volunteering with her family at her local Fire Department, church, and other organizations within her community as she has done for the past 10 years.

During football season, she likes to cheer on the Miami Dolphins with her dad!

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