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Nobody wants pests in their home. They bite your kids, your pets, and yourself. They spread disease and are overall disgusting to have around. Call us to get a free quote for our environmentally friendly, residential pest control services in Richmond, VA.

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Without Pest Control, Your Richmond, VA Home Is At Risk For Thousands Of Dollars In Damage

We have some nasty pests here in Richmond, VA. Mosquitos will bite your kids and pets, spread diseases, and annoy your visitors and guests. Termites will destroy your home’s structure and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, unless you can catch it early. Rodents and cockroaches will invade your pantries, resulting in hundreds of dollars of food wasted. What’s crazy is that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Carpenter Ants can destroy your house as well as termites, wasps can sting and put your kids in the hospital, and a copperhead snake bite could kill. As if this wasn’t the worst, pesticides can be dangerous to your pets, kids, and the outside environment. So, how do you deal with a pest infestation safely? Greenshield Pest Control has proprietary, environmentally friendly techniques to keep your home, family, and the environment safe from these nasty insects and invasive wildlife.

Tonya Garten
Tonya Garten
August 10, 2022.
I never knew I could learn so much about ants, bugs, and rodents...Nick came out and not only took care of my ant problem but educated me on the little critters and I will definitely have him return for my rodent issues. I'm on a farm so nick will be my go to guy for all these critters lol.such a great worker and he made me more aware of what to do. I recommend asking for Nick cause he was awsome!!!
Daniel Hicks
Daniel Hicks
August 8, 2022.
As a Realtor I use Nick Williams at Greenshield pest control regularly, so much in fact I consider him an important part of my team. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a pest control company
Cori Coleman
Cori Coleman
August 8, 2022.
So happy Greenshield offers Home Inspections was able to get someone to come out quick and not only give me some peace of mind but offer solid solutions for what I'd like my goals to be on the property Nick was super knowledgeable and I will be recommending this company to others. Thank you GreenShield!
Itz_BigMatt_ FB
Itz_BigMatt_ FB
August 6, 2022.
Greenshield is great. They helped me take care of my pest needs. I reccomend them to all my friends and family. The office staff are quick to respond and the technicians are great.
Jamie Plante
Jamie Plante
August 6, 2022.
Greenshield has been great! Nick came out to inspect my home. The prices were very competitive and fair. The techs were very personable, friendly, and professional. Thank you Greenshield for taking care of my pest issues!
Mike Moore
Mike Moore
August 6, 2022.
Nick helped take care of an unexpected issue for me that I discovered once I went under the house to repair a pipe - camel crickets and a black snake. I can not stand those spider looking things and I could only locate the snake skin, not the snake. Nick swiftly handled the crickets and located the black snake wedged between the foundation blocks. Awesome service, friendly, great attitude, and very professional. Would recommend Nick to everyone!
Patricia DiBella
Patricia DiBella
August 6, 2022.
I was having issues with my crawl space in regards to humidity and fungus as well as not enough insulation in my attic. Nick came out and took care of the inspection, he was great! He pointed out issues that I had no idea of. That and it was thousands cheaper than other quotes I had recieved. The techs who came out were great, very friendly and professional, and did great work. Thank you Nick and Greenshield for helping me better my home.
Brittany Drudge
Brittany Drudge
August 6, 2022.
I had a great experience with Greenshield pest control! Very polite, knowledgeable, and professional. I highly recommend using this company, plus they are affordable.

Signs You Have A Pest Problem In Your Home

Pest Control In Richmond VA


Droppings are the most obvious sign pests may be living in your house. Generally, droppings won’t help you determine which insect they come from due to size, while at the same time size will let you know if you have rodents. If there are enough droppings that they are easily recognized, the infestation has probably grown beyond a mere nuisance.

A small rat eating food off a kitchen floor. Sometimes rodents will track in mud, leaving footprints in your home.


Footprints are a rare, but tell-tale sign your home has a problem with invasive wildlife. Rats and mice can track mud and debris into the home, exposing their entry point. This is rare as rodents and other wildlife will prefer to stay hidden within the walls, attics, or basements. But, if you are able to see some, it’s a sign they are active in your home.


The most obvious sign of termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, or powderpost beetles, is physical damage. Each one can damage wood and furniture so it’s unsightly, or dangerous to the homes’ structure. Sometimes the damage is already going to cost thousands to fix before its visible, and other times the damage is easy to identify.  

Other Signs You Need A Residential Pest Control Inspection

A woman with a shield protecting her from mosquitos. Greenshield Pest Control uses eco-friendly solutions to protect you and your family from mosquitos.

Environmentally Safe pest control for your residence

Mosquito Control for Your Home

Our mosquito control program utilizes eco-friendly ways to repel and keep mosquitos away from your home. But, the best way to stay safe from mosquitos is to have a custom plan from Greenshield that takes preventive measures to KEEP MOSQUITOS AWAY.

Our mosquito control treatment program has a 7+ year retention rate. We just wish we could travel across the country to help those customers that move away! But you will love seeing how we prevent mosquitos by removing their ability to invade your property from the start.

general pest control plans for your home

General Pest Control

GreenShield’s “General Residential Pest Service” is the flagship of the company. It is by far the most popular service that we offer, for a good reason. Not only do we conduct a thorough inspection of your home, but we continue to monitor for seasonal pest issues year-round. All homes are swept to remove spider webs, wasp nests & dirt dauber tubes and sealed with exclusion products to eliminate pest entry. 

Your PMP will inform you of the pests observed and treated for, along with reporting any issues in your crawl space or attic (downed insulation, standing water, leaky pipes, structural damage, etc.) The General Pest Program covers Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Mice, Rats, Wasps, Hornets & Much More!

With a 100% Money Back GUARANTEE, you cannot go wrong.

Residential Pest Control

residential termite prevention and control

Don't Risk Thousands of Dollars in Damage!

Termites & similar pests cause $30 Billion in damage to crops and man-made structures in the U.S., each year. For most people, their home is the largest investment they will make. Why not protect it? 

GreenShield offers Termite treatments and Termite Warranties. Many people are unaware that most homeowners’ insurance plans do not cover termite damage.

Our warranty covers up to $1 Million for termite damage repairs and a termite treatment at NO COST. Call now for more information.

Call today for a free termite inspection.

Don't Let Rodents Into Your Home

Some rodents may be cute, but they are known to spread: Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, Tularemia, Leptospirosis & many other diseases. GreenShield uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach when controlling rodents.

We want the safest and most effective outcome for everyone. Two mice can turn into 4,000 mice in just 1 year. If you have observed rodent activity, it is best to consult a professional for rodent control as soon as possible.

A wasps nest attached to a house.

prevent wasps at your house

Wasps Are Dangerous to Your Family

Stinging Insects send over a Half Million people to the Hospital, each year. If you are having an issue with stinging insects, it is best you leave it to the professionals.

Some wasps and yellow jackets in Richmond can be extremely aggressive. One such insect is the Bald-faced Hornet. These can swarm and kill.

GreenShield will not only exterminate most stinging insects but we will remove the nest as well. If you have an issue with Honeybees or other pollinators, we will have them safely removed. For a free wasp control estimate, give us a call today.

preventative pest control for bedbugs

Bed Bugs Can Cost Thousands of Dollars

These blood feeders can be very frustrating, difficult, and expensive to get rid of. At GreenShield, we have over 20 years of bedbug treatment experience.

With competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff, and the right tools, we can help you with your bedbug problem. We treat bedbugs in residential homes, apartments, multi-family housing, and healthcare facilities. Give us a call for a free inspection and estimate.

Greenshield Pest Control's residential pest control measures also protect your home and family from snakes.

Residential pest control for snakes

Copperheads in Virginia are Poisonous

Many people have ophidiophobia (a fear of snakes). With the growing number of copperheads in Virginia, some people simply don’t want their family or pets to be injured. GreenShield now offers a Snake Protection Program (SPP). Our SPP has you covered!

A PMP will use the only EPA-registered snake repellant on the market around your home to keep snakes out. Not only do we use a repellant, but we will remove a snake from your home or garage, at no additional cost!
(SPP qualifies as a bundled service)

prevent wildlife from invading your home with our residential pest control plans

Do You Want to Prevent Racoons and Other Animals?

GreenShield handles a wide variety of wildlife: Raccoons, Opossums, Skunks, Groundhogs, Bats & more. Our goal is to provide a safe living or working space for our customers. We will provide a complimentary inspection for all wildlife issues. When we inspect, we want to identify the animal, potential entry points, and damage they may have caused.

Entry points will need to be sealed to prevent any future occurrence of wildlife issues if they are entering a structure. GreenShield offers trapping, exclusion & many other tactics to reduce or eliminate your nuisance wildlife issues in the most humane way possible.

wood destroying insect protection for your home

Carpenter Bees Will Destroy Your Home

Wood destroying Insects cause costly damage to structures. At GreenShield, we beat these insects, not your pockets. GreenShield treats for Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Acrobat Ants, Termites, Old House Borers, Powder Post Beetles & just about every other wood-destroying pest.

If you are looking to sell, buy or refinance a home, Virginia law requires a WDI inspection. GreenShield offers thorough inspections and all the paperwork required to do so.

Solve Your Residential Pest Control Problem In Three Simple Steps

Problem Identification

Click the button below to speak with one of our certified technicians. They will assist and talk you through what could be the problem.

Free Inspection

Your technician will come out to your home and inspect the situation. Once they have seen the issue, you will receive a free quote.

Home & Yard Treatment

Greenshield will treat your property so you, your kids, and your pets can get back to enjoying your yard.

Call Us For Your Free Quote

Our environmentally responsible approach and Integrated Pest Management techniques keep your home, your family, and your environment safe and pest-free.

Some More Information On Our Residential Pest Control Services For Residents Of Richmond, VA.

Hello Richmond! On this section of the page, we want to more in depth about pest control and the dangers of invasive insects and wildlife. Now, as homeowners ourselves we see pests all the time. Every once in a while there “might” be a cockroach. A random wasps nests could appear on the porch, or we might get bit by the random insect while in bed. We generally don’t think anything of it, but sometimes there is more danger brewing behind the scenes.

A picture of the Boxelder Bug in a local home. These insects can stain walls with excrement, and leave behind nasty't dangerous but they can leave nasty stains on walls,
A picture of the Boxelder Bug in a local home. These insects aren’t dangerous but can stain walls with excrement, and leave behind nasty odors.

Richmond, VA has a lot of swampy areas outside of it, and since the area has a warm, humid climate. Insects love it. Your walls can become home to some dangerous, nasty, and obnoxious bugs that can bite and spread disease. Here’s a list of the many different insects that can produce an infestation in your home.

  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Boxelder Bugs
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Earwigs
  • Fleas
  • Flies
  • Four Beetles
  • Ladybugs
  • Millipedes
  • Mosquitos
  • Pill Bugs
  • Termites
  • Spiders
  • Stink Bugs
  • Weevils

Luckily, Greenshield has an eco-friendly approach to preventative pest control that keeps your family from having to deal with these nasty insects. Even though most of the insects are not venomous or going to spread disease, bed bugs can produce hundreds of bites in a night, mosquitos can bite all your BBQ guests, and termites will cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Our Local Pest Control Service Protects Your Home From Structural Damage That Could Cost You Thousands Of Dollars

Your homes’ structure faces many outside forces that can damage it including hurricanes, ice, lightning, and insects. Termites and other wood destroying insects won’t just attack the wooden structure of your home, but can destroy antique furniture and other property. This next list will talk about some of the most common here in Richmond.

  • Eastern Subterranean Termites – Termites are the most well-known wood-destroying insect In Central, VA. Local termites live underground and build nests in moist soil. The workers travel to wood sources (your house), by tunneling through walls. The wood is used to feed the entire colony.
  • Carpenter Ants – Most ants in Richmond, VA are just annoying and harmless, but Carpenter Ants will destroy your house or business. The ants will live directly in the wood but don’t eat it. The network of tunnels they build in the wood spread through the home, and they particularly like wood that’s been damaged by water.
  • Powderpost Beetles – The female Powderpost Beetles destroy wood by burrowing it into the wood and laying their eggs. The eggs hatch and the larvae grow into adults. Once grown, the beetles dig out of the wood causing more tunnels. 
  • Carpenter Bees – These bees will generally burrow into your deck’s wood to start a nest. They won’t eat your wood, but the tunnels can damage the structure as multiple generations burrow into it. They are protected and need to be removed safely, especially since wood damage isn’t the only danger. The females will sting if threatened.

In Richmond, VA And Around The State People Are Suffering From Inflation. Pests Can Destroy Food And Cost You Money

A roach on a fork at a local restaurant here in Midlothian, VA. Our pest control services keep your business and customers safe from food poisoning.
A roach on a fork at a local restaurant here in Henrico, VA. Our pest control services keep your business and customers safe from food poisoning.
Thanks to inflation home food costs have risen 3.5 percent, and restaurant prices have soared. Let’s first look at food costs in your home. If an infestation of cockroaches begins at your house, they can infest the food in your refrigerator, pantry, and other places for food storage. Cockroaches can carry Salmonella, Escherichia Coli, and Listeria Monocytogenes, and it only takes one to pass that disease into your food. Once they get into it, it’s best to throw it all out and then spend tons of money replacing it. 

Restaurants are also suffering from higher food costs, less staffing, and other problems since the pandemic. One cockroach in the wrong place can destroy your entire business. They can destroy your food costs, the business’s reputation, and cause the restaurant to shut down for days while an infestation is cleared. You can risk it when you’re in the restaurant business and it’s best to be proactive in the fight against infestations.

We Keep Richmond, VA, Residents Safe From Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Here in Richmond, VA, your family is always at risk of mosquito-borne illnesses. We all want our home to be a safe place for the kids to play outside, have social gatherings, and just relax under the stars. But, when you have a mosquito problem you’re at risk for more than just bites. Mosquitos can carry the Zika Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and West Nile Virus. The Zika Virus can cause birth defects. Equine Encephalitis is rare in humans, but most people don’t show symptoms until the illness progresses and causes disorientation, seizures, or a coma. Finally, West Nile Virus doesn’t have medication to treat it, but the disease still makes you sick and is available with pest control treatments.

Choose Our Eco-Friendly Pest Control Service Here In Richmond, VA

Greenshield Pest Control is a locally owned business that has served Richmond, County, VA region for years. Our technicians have decades of experience protecting families and businesses from invasive insects, arachnids, snakes, and other pests. We are the premier local pest control service not just because we provide quality and fast service, but because we use an eco-friendly approach. Our solutions are designed to prevent infestations from ever starting (don’t worry, we can fix them if they do!), and will keep the environment around your property safe. We never use dangerous and unnecessary chemicals because your family, pets, and customers’ safety is our top priority. So, even if you see a single cockroach, a mouse, or a termite, give us a call at 804-798-1725 and get a FREE QUOTE. That way, we can make sure that one pest doesn’t turn into a bigger problem.

German Cockroach Service Preparation

Bedbug Service Preparation

Indoor Flea Service Preparation