Flea Treatment Preparation

Items That Must Be Completed Prior To Our Arrival:

  • Vacuum your carpet and furniture, including under and in furniture.
  • Discard vacuum cleaner bag or empty collection canister.
  • Discard or wash pet bedding and toys. Washable items should be washed in hot soapy water.
  • If you are planning to shampoo or steam clean the carpet, please have this done prior to treatment. Cleaning the carpet after treatment could remove the products we have applied for flea control.
  • Sweep and mop floors, especially under furniture, in closets and along baseboards. 
  • Wipe all areas of pet activity with warm to hot soapy water. Flea eggs can slip off pets in any area, high or low, that pets can go.
  • Cover your aquariums and unplug the air pumps. We are not responsible for your fish.
  • Remove and clean your pets’ food and water containers as well as litter boxes.
  • Remove all toys & clutter from your floor. Exposed floor space is a key factor to colony elimination. The technician will be applying a light misty spray over as much of the floor surface as possible.
  • It may be necessary to have access to underneath of your home (basement or crawlspace)
  • Treat pets on the day of service if possible.

Items That Must Be Completed Following the Treatment:

  • Keep children and pets off treated areas until the treatment has dried. This may take up to 4 or 5 hours.
  • If you must walk on treated areas wear shoes- no bare feet, socks or slippers.
  • There may be a slight odor left behind. Don’t worry, this is due to the solvents. The active ingredient will not evaporate or vaporize in your home. If the odor bothers you, you may ventilate your house. 
  • Adult fleas may be observed after the treatment. The complete elimination of fleas should not be expected for up to a month due to the incubation period. As adult fleas emerge they will come in contact with the flea control products and be eliminated.
  • Vacuum lightly & daily for 14 days. Ordinary vacuums cannot pick up the products we use but can pick up adult fleas.
  • Fleas can re-infest your home from the vacuum cleaner. A small amount of flea powder (1 teaspoon or less) can be vacuumed directly into the vacuum cleaner to kill fleas that have been picked up.
  • When the 14 days are over discard the vacuum bag or thoroughly clean the collection canister. Vacuuming will get the fleas through their cycle more quickly, resulting in better service performance.
  • After 2-3 weeks, your home should be re-treated.