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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control services to keep your local business and customers pest free.

We Know Commercial Pest Control And How To Protect Your Business

Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions is here to prevent pests and critters from invading your local business. Having a pest infestation can be a big problem and interrupt your business’s operations. You can keep your business running and employees happy with a custom and eco-conscious pest prevention plan.

The Benefits Of Having A Custom Pest Prevention Plan At Your Business

Are you a local business owner in Central, VA? Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions is your premier commercial pest control service. But, what is the benefit of having Greenshield’s phone number in your phone? Your business is your livelihood. It’s what pays the bills, supports your family, and keeps your life afloat. If pests invade your business it will create an uncomfortable situation for you, your employees, and most importantly, your customers. No one wants a business known for having bugs or invasive wildlife.

If you give us a call one of our experienced pest control professionals will visit your facility and provide a thorough inspection to determine which service plan best suits your needs. We can even create a custom plan tailored to your business for the pests you’re at risk of. What is the outline of an eco-conscious commercial pest control plan? Below we will discuss the dangers of having pests in your business and what our service plans entail.

Commercial Pest Control Near Me

Signs You Need A Commercial Pest Control Service

Structural damage on a home due to termites. Structural damage is one of the main dangers you face when you don't regularly check for residential pests.

Droppings & Tracks

Small droppings are one of the telltale signs you have unwanted pests in your business. Depending on the droppings you might mistake them as small pieces of dirt. Plus, many mice, rats, and insects can leave behind a sticky residue. For example, cockroaches have been observed leaving behind brown marks on walls and other surfaces.

A small child with a large mosquito bite on his hand. Mosquitos spread disease and are a health risk for your family.

Gnaw Marks & Electrical Problems

If your commercial property has been infested by rodents, an obvious sign is seeing gnaw marks. Unlike humans, mice and rats’ teeth never stop growing so they will gnaw on any hard surface in your business. Second, rodents are famous for chewing on electrical wires which can cause sudden power losses at your business.

Residential Pest Infestations can cause extreme stress and anxiety.

Unexplained Noises & Smells

If you’re staying at your place of business later than normal and it’s quiet, but you hear an abnormal scratching, you might have pests in the walls and ceilings. Rodents have an internal clock and are aware when there is no activity in the business and it’s safe to come out. Second, urine and other droppings can leave odd smells.

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Reviews From Clients Who Benefited From Our Commercial Pest Control Services

Tonya Garten
Tonya Garten
I never knew I could learn so much about ants, bugs, and rodents...Nick came out and not only took care of my ant problem but educated me on the little critters and I will definitely have him return for my rodent issues. I'm on a farm so nick will be my go to guy for all these critters lol.such a great worker and he made me more aware of what to do. I recommend asking for Nick cause he was awsome!!!
Daniel Hicks
Daniel Hicks
As a Realtor I use Nick Williams at Greenshield pest control regularly, so much in fact I consider him an important part of my team. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a pest control company
Cori Coleman
Cori Coleman
So happy Greenshield offers Home Inspections was able to get someone to come out quick and not only give me some peace of mind but offer solid solutions for what I'd like my goals to be on the property Nick was super knowledgeable and I will be recommending this company to others. Thank you GreenShield!
Itz_BigMatt_ FB
Itz_BigMatt_ FB
Greenshield is great. They helped me take care of my pest needs. I reccomend them to all my friends and family. The office staff are quick to respond and the technicians are great.
Jamie Plante
Jamie Plante
Greenshield has been great! Nick came out to inspect my home. The prices were very competitive and fair. The techs were very personable, friendly, and professional. Thank you Greenshield for taking care of my pest issues!
Mike Moore
Mike Moore
Nick helped take care of an unexpected issue for me that I discovered once I went under the house to repair a pipe - camel crickets and a black snake. I can not stand those spider looking things and I could only locate the snake skin, not the snake. Nick swiftly handled the crickets and located the black snake wedged between the foundation blocks. Awesome service, friendly, great attitude, and very professional. Would recommend Nick to everyone!
Patricia DiBella
Patricia DiBella
I was having issues with my crawl space in regards to humidity and fungus as well as not enough insulation in my attic. Nick came out and took care of the inspection, he was great! He pointed out issues that I had no idea of. That and it was thousands cheaper than other quotes I had recieved. The techs who came out were great, very friendly and professional, and did great work. Thank you Nick and Greenshield for helping me better my home.
Brittany Drudge
Brittany Drudge
I had a great experience with Greenshield pest control! Very polite, knowledgeable, and professional. I highly recommend using this company, plus they are affordable.

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Commercial Pest Control FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do! Our main office is location in Ashland, VA, but we provide commercial pest control to all businesses around the Richmond VA Metro Area. That includes the main localities of Hanover, Henrico, Chesterfield, and Richmond City.

Our pest control professionals are skilled and consistently training. Each one was handpicked and has years of experience working in multiple industries. The industries we hear from the most who need commercial pest control are property managers, restaurants, and motels/hotels. 

If you research commercial pest control companies near me, you will probably read a range of prices. We do have set pricing for specific services we provide monthly but, depending on the size of your commercial building and the severity of the pest problem, the costs can vary. If you have seen an issue contact us ASAP and we can give a free estimate and set up a pest inspection.

Some commercial pest control companies are more experienced than others. But, here are some things you will want to look for.

  • An intense vetting process ensures the most qualified people are hired to be pest control professionals.
  • Custom plans that will provide the best pest control for your company vs. one plan for all.
  • Employees that are consistently training and straying up-to-date with the latest pest control practices.
  • A pest control company that is eco-conscious and customer friendly.

These are just some of the best things to look for when you need a commercial pest control company. Give us a call and we can go into detail about how we can help you.

Many pest control companies provide a set mosquito control, termite removal, or general prevention plan.

What makes Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions different is we don’t like cookie-cutter “solutions”.

If your business needs more than the basic, we will work with you to create a special plan the eliminates and prevents the pests your business is at risk for.

Oh, and we will use eco-conscious pest control practices and safe methods.