Cockroach Treatment Preparation

In cockroach control, sanitation is essential.

The following steps must be taken before we will perform a cockroach treatment.

Items That Must Be Completed Prior To Our Arrival:

  • All cleaning should be done before treatment, not after.
  • Clean the kitchen thoroughly, including the floor, stove, range hood and appliances. Clean the inside and outside of the dishwasher. Pull out the refrigerator, stove etc. to clean behind and underneath.
  • Everything should be removed from the kitchen cupboards – upper and lower – don’t forget below the sink. Wash all of the cabinets inside and out, wipe out drawers with damp rag, clean the sink and countertops thoroughly. Items that you have removed from the cabinets and drawers may be placed out of the way and should be covered by a sheet or newspapers.
  • Bathroom cabinets and under the sink should be cleared. Wash cabinets and drawers inside and out with a damp cleaning cloth. Clean the sink, tub and toilet. Scrub the bathroom floor. If applicable, empty and clean bathroom closets as well.
  • Pick up and remove trash, inside and outside.
  • Vacuum all of the carpets.
  •  Be sure to notify your technician if you have observed roaches in areas such as bedrooms, closets, the utility room or in any other areas of your home.
  • If bedrooms need to be treated, remove clothes hanging in the closet. Shoes and other items on closet floors must be removed as well. Clean closet shelves.
  • For all rooms to be treated, move everything away from the baseboard to allow your technician access to those areas. Furniture and other items should be moved out at least two feet from the walls.

After The Treatment is Completed:

  • It is very important not to wipe or wash inside your cabinets after we have treated. This would remove the treatment products.
  • In roach control, sanitation is essential. Keep areas under and behind the stove and refrigerator clean. Do not allow food and garbage to accumulate in areas where roaches feed or hide. Pet food should be stored in sealed containers.
  • It is normal to see roaches for several days after the service. It may take several days before you see results and you may even see an increase initially. This is normal, we have “stirred the pot”. The bait we use will also draw them out of hiding and is formulated to work over time to give it a chance to be shared with the colony.
  • After 2-3 weeks your home should be re-treated.