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Bed Bug Treatment, Removal, And Control

Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions provides bed bug treatment in the City of Richmond and the surrounding counties.

Bedbug Treatment In Richmond, VA
Bed Bugs invade your mattress and feast on your blood nightly.

The Best Bed Bug Treatment In The Richmond Metro Area

Hello, stressed-out home or business owner! We say “stressed” because if you’re on this page you must live in the Richmond Metro Area and have a possible bed bug problem.

Thankfully, Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions has relief for you.

For 15+ years Greenshield has been the premier eco-conscious pest control service in Richmond.

We train our PMPs (Pest Management Professionals) extensively to use eco-conscious pest control and prevention techniques for your home, business, family, and pets.

Bed Bugs are disgusting. They love human blood and invade your mattress, furniture, and clothing.

But, you can start getting rid of them today because:

Greenshield offers free same-day Bed Bug inspections and all you have to do is call (804) 798-1725 or click the button below to use our contact form.

We will respond ASAP and get a Bed Bug professional to inspect your property immediately.

Signs You Have Bed Bugs & Why You Don't Want To Wait

  • Bed Bugs are vampire insects that love to bite and suck your blood, which can destroy your family’s mental health and hygiene.
  • If you find one-bed bug, you can be sure there are already thousands in your mattress and other furniture.
  • Bed Bugs are resistant to pesticides and other traditional methods of extermination, which makes DIY methods a waste of time and money.
  • A bed bug’s saliva can cause allergic reactions and secondary infections, which means your family’s physical health is at risk.
  • If bed bugs have invaded your business, it will destroy your health certifications and reputation, losing you money.
A man covered with bed bug bites.

Greenshield Is Your #1 Choice For Eco-Conscious Bed Bug Treatment

When you search "bed bug treatment near me" in Google, you receive:

Better Health

Two jars with money in them. With our bed bug treatment you will save money.

Saves Money & Time

A woman smiling while she sleeps. Greenshield Home and Pest Solutions bed bug treatment will give you peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

Get A Free Bed Bug Inspection And Treatment Quote

Great company, great employees. Always does a fantastic job. Will come back at no charge if you see any pests. Environmentally conscious.
Lori Catlett Shaffer
Local Homeowner

Click The Bed Bug To Learn About Our Treatment Plan

Our Treatment Plan Is Called APREHEND, And We Guarantee Its Effectiveness

Click each tab or watch the video to learn about our professional Bed Bug treatment that uses a natural biopesticide to eliminate and prevent the return of bed bugs.

Play Video about A video cover talking about APREHEND, a natural biopesticide that eliminates and prevents bed bugs.

APREHEND is a natural biopesticide composed of Beauveria bassiana fungal spores.

We spray APREHEND strategically in narrow bands where bed bugs are known to walk.

This means you won’t have to cover all your possessions and leave your home while a potentially damaging heat treatment is administered.

Bed Bugs are notoriously resistant to the most common chemical insecticides. Insecticides that are more dangerous to your health.

A graph showing the percentage of a bed bug population that is killed after 5 days of exposure to our biopesticide.

Laboratory studies show when bed bugs cross a treated surface, they pick up and carry the fungal spores back to the nesting area.

The spores are then transferred to every bed bug in the colony no matter what sex, phase of life, or feeding status.

This process is then done until the entire bed bug population is eliminated.

The benefit is that APREHEND is less invasive than heat treatment and won’t risk damaging your personal belongings.

Mortality rate of a bed bug population after 10 days of exposure.

APREHEND is a natural chemical that was created for professional use, and Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions is your local pest management service in Richmond, VA, that specializes in APREHEND.

APREHEND is also long-lasting and prevents the return of bed bugs.

More information about the lasting effects of APREHEND are:

A graph showing how APREHEND kills bed bug populations better than standard insecticides.

Incredible Reviews From Richmond Residents

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August 10, 2022
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Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions Makes It Easy To Treat Bed Bugs

Give Us A Call

If you notice signs of bed bugs in your home or business contact us for a FREE quote.


Our pest management professionals (PMPs) will provide a thorough inspection and create a custom plan.

You Are Happy

Our treatment will kill the entire bed bug population and our plan will ensure they never return.

Bed Bug Treatment: Frequently Asked Questions

Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions is based in Ashland, VA, but we provide bed bug treatment to all counties in the Richmond Metro Area including Richmond City.

Bed bugs are extremely hard to kill and keep from coming back. They are resistant to the usual pesticides and can sometimes survive heat treatment. Heat treatment can also warp and damage your furniture and possessions.

Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions uses a professional and natural biochemical solution called APREHEND.

This bed bug treatment will kill 100% of bed bugs and quarterly treatments will ensure they are exterminated and new infestations don’t occur.

Bed bugs love to live in furniture, especially mattresses. But, they can infest headboards, side tables, carpets, clothing, baseboards, bedframes, and bedroom clutter.

The average answer is 2 – 4 heat treatments over the course of 3 – 6 weeks. The reason is that bed bugs can burrow deep into crevices and survive the treatment.

However, Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions uses a natural biochemical treatment that is 100% effective after 5 days of exposure.

The treatment is more effective because once a bed bug picks up the chemical, it brings it back to the nesting areas. The biochemical then spreads throughout the population, exterminating all bed bugs.

More than likely the bed bugs have spread to other parts of your home. It’s recommended you call a pest management professional to treat your home or business because bed bugs can spread rapidly and are hard to eliminate.

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that love to feed and obtain nutrients from your blood. Many people associate bed bugs with poor communities and dirty households, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Bed bugs can hitch rides easily on suitcases and clothing, which is why they can easily spread from household to household. 

Bed bugs are carriers of pathogens but there aren’t any cases where they have transmitted these pathogens to humans. Usually, the only medical problems associated with bed bugs are itchiness and inflammation from their bites. Sometimes these bites can cause severe allergic reactions. However, the most notable health problem associated with bed bugs is mental. Bed bugs can cause huge amounts of fear, stress, and frustration.

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